More on ICTG's Mission...


Our goal for our training is to instruct clients, stakeholders and industry sectors on how to properly conduct their work, and to minimize their risks and how to protect themselves and others from infections during this pandemic.


We aim to effectively assist constructors, renovators, facilities maintenance and operations/engineering staff, and others to effectively and efficiently manage various infection risks, in healthcare facilities (HCF) and other industry sectors.  We empower clients (and their stakeholders) on how to be more proactive and systematic in protecting facility occupants and other individuals from COVID-19 (and other  infection risks).  We help clients practically interpret, apply and use real-world solutions to minimize COVID-19 (and other) infection risks.


We strive to properly educate, train and instruct various collaborative “multi-disciplinary teams”and members to know and understand infection risks, develop and implement robust, sound and comprehensive policies, standards, requirements, processes and protocols, and have effective and appropriate risk management plans in place in order to create a healthy and safe work environment for themselves and for building occupants, including the general public.        

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