ESC Automation

"Our employees, in unison, all have mentioned they came out of the course more informed and commended Craig’s teaching style. With such positive feedback and our ever-growing presence in hospitals, we will continue to use Infection Control Training Group’s services to further train new employees on their Infection Control responsibilities."

- Brent Rossington, Health and Safety Manager

Smith Bros. & Wilson

"(The training) taught me what to look for in infectious control measures and how to apply these solutions in jobsite situations. It also emphasized the importance of infectious control and the consequences of not doing infectious control properly. It was an eye opener."

Richmond Elevator

"The instructors are definitely subject matter experts in their field. They were friendly and knowledgeable. They encouraged everyone in attendance to ask as them about any questions that they may have had. They also made themselves available after the presentation to anyone who wanted to discuss things further."

- Julian Lau, OHS Manager

Our vision is to make a positive difference – through practical, real-world education and training – in protecting health care facility occupants from contracting infections associated with potentially contaminated dust that can be disturbed during construction, renovation or maintenance activities.

Our mission is to be the global leader in the provision of real-world, practical infection control training. Our mission is driven by 3 primary fundamentals that form the basis of our training group and programs:

  • Educate: Improving stakeholder’s knowledge of infection risks, how their work can create these risks, and what they can do before, during and after their work to protect susceptible individuals from infections.
  • Empower: Empowering (and encouraging) stakeholders – through education and training – to be more responsible and accountable in protecting health care facility occupants from infection risks.
  • Execute: Assisting stakeholders with applying and using real-world, practical solutions that really work to prevent infection risks in healthcare environments.

Our Values

We firmly prescribe to several values that serve as a compass for our actions and how we behave in the world of infection prevention and control. These include:

  • Leadership: We lead the industry with courage and practical information to shape a better future which protects occupants from potential infection risks during construction, renovation or maintenance work.
  • Stewardship: We take ownership and care to protect health care facility occupants from potential infection risks, and do our part to ensure risks are eliminated or minimized.
  • Collaboration: We leverage our respective and collective technical knowledge, experiences, skills and expertise to provide the most comprehensive and applicable infection control training to our stakeholders.
  • Integrity: We pride ourselves on being real and authentic with all our stakeholders, and doing what we say and saying what we do.
  • Accountability: We own responsibility for infection control in health care environments. If it is to be then it is up to me (and you).
  • Passion: We are committed and dedicated, in heart, mind and soul, to making health care environments a better and safer place for occupants.
  • Quality: We ensure our training courses, instructors and instructional techniques/methods are at the highest levels of quality, to not just meet your expectations, but exceed them. What we do, we do well.
  • Trust: We will continually endeavour to be the trusted source for infection control training solutions, and the “go to” company for providing practical, applicable infection control information.
  • Knowledge/Learning: We pride ourselves on being at the highest levels of technical knowledge and experience in the field of infection control. We believe we are not just teachers, but also students and are continually learning to gain more knowledge, skills and experience.
  • Dedication: We are dedicated to improving the protection of sensitive health care facility occupants – with the most practical, effective and efficient infection prevention and control measures – from potential infection risks associated with construction, renovation or maintenance projects.

Who We Are

ICTG was formed to help everyone achieve the ultimate goal: the protection of health care facility occupants who may be impacted by required work. Our training courses teach stakeholders (per their specific roles and responsibilities) how to make real-world infection prevention strategies and measures work at the ground level, by:

  • Introducing and explaining key IPAC concepts/principles;
  • Assisting with proper interpretation of industry-accepted standards and improving understanding of requirements; and
  • Demonstrating how to effectively apply and use infection control measures.

ICTG is a top training resource for educating, training and instructing various stakeholders in infection control prevention measures and solutions at health care facilities. Our instructors are highly qualified, educated, trained, knowledgeable and skilled in the field of infection control. We have combined over 100 years of direct field experience on dozens of health care facility projects across Canada and the Territories. Our team includes:

  • Industrial hygienists;
  • Registered safety professionals;
  • Recognized infection control consultants;
  • Restoration/abatement contractors;
  • Mould consulting experts;
  • General construction superintendents; and
  • Facility maintenance and operations.

We have assisted dozens of clients and stakeholders with identifying, assessing, controlling and managing infection risks on many construction, renovation and maintenance projects. We are taking our collective expertise and experience and sharing – through our training programs – our “lessons learnt,” tips and tricks, and creative and innovative practical solutions with everyone who could be involved in a health care facility project.

We do not believe in “one size fits all” training, or “sit and learn” courses. We pride ourselves on tailoring our training to each stakeholders’ needs, based on their specific roles, responsibilities and duties in a healthcare environment.

At ICTG, we do believe that construction-, renovation or maintenance-related infection risks are completely preventable, and that our dynamic, engaging and interactive education and training courses will effectively assist you with gaining important information, improved understanding and practical tools to better protect those in our care.

Clients We Serve

Constructors Commissioning Teams
Construction Managers HVAC/Mechanical
Superintendents, Supervisors Plumbing
Owner (Authority) Representatives Automation/Controls
Designers Drywallers
Architects Electrical
Engineers Elevators
Project Management Medical Gas
Facility Maintenance & Operations Data/IT
Health Care Facility Staff Roofing
MDT Members Hazardous Materials
Safety Professionals Containment