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We provide quality infection prevention and control (IPAC) training products and courses, tailored for your team. ICTG is a flexible, efficient and economical choice for all your IPAC training requirements.

With ICTG training, your team will understand the provincial IPAC requirements, why the requirements are important, and how to effectively manage IPAC risks.
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ICTG is a leading edge Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC) training provider in North America. ICTG provides real-world, practical education for professionals involved in health care facility (HCF) design, planning, construction, renovation or maintenance.

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CSA Equivalent Courses

We train your team to understand IPAC requirements

Cost Effective

Economical and efficient training to meet your project needs

Custom Courses

Develop training to meet the IPAC needs of your team

Real World Relevance

Scenario based problem solving sessions for adult learners

Practical Training

Hands on experiences, small group breakout sessions

Work Safely

Protect your teams and facility occupants

Facts & Questions

ICTG creates engaging, cost effective and efficient training for your team. 8 hour CSA equivalent courses or 4 hour awareness courses will meet the IPCA training requirements for your project.

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ICTG is a certified trainer of CSA standards. We will teach your team what they need to know to work safely within the CSA requirements.

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Contact us to learn how ICTG can meet your training needs

Yes. ICTG is a recognized training provider for IPAC and CSA standards.

Contact us to learn how ICTG can meet your specific training needs

Yes. Our certification training courses include a carefully designed exam that tests your understanding of the subject and the practical skills relevant to your work.

Our knowledge competency exam is more than a quiz (which is generally utilized for awareness-type courses). A minimum passing mark of 80% is required to achieve certification of completion.

Our Clients

ICTG IPAC training courses are efficient and economical

One-day courses starting from as low as $535 per person, per course. Contact us for details about bulk registrations or benefits for returning customers. Also, the $535 price is contradicted by the Business Continuity and Infection Control Awareness courses, which are priced as low as $285
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