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Who We Are

We provide knowledge to help reduce infections in all types of buildings, including health care facilities.

Our Training

  • Encourages participation, full engagement, and active learning
  • Facilitates direct interaction with our quality instructors
  • Covers both theory and practical skills
  • Offers practical practice of basic infection control skills
  • Includes real-world, practical, scenario-based exercises
  • Applies Infection Prevention and Control principles to real-life situations
  • Covers key Infection Prevention and Control concepts and principles
  • Teaches how to meet industry-accepted standards and requirements
  • Up-to-date, relevant, and directly applicable to your situation

We believe that infection risks are preventable.

- Craig Yee, Co-Founder of ICTG



We Specialize In


Learn how to protect your workers, clients, patients, and yourself.

Infection Control

Understand and use principles of infection control in your work.

Construction and Renovation

Our Team has decades of experience in renovation and new construction projects.


Get practical advice on how to safely work in healthcare facilities.

Our Team


Over 100 years of combined experience

National recognition

Real-world Practical Experience


Craig Yee

Company Director and Master Trainer

Craig Yee is an industrial hygienist and infection control expert with extensive expertise in the healthcare environment and other industry and business sectors and a practical approach to assisting various stakeholders with identifying and managing their occupational health and safety and infection risks. He has founded and manages both OHS Global Risk Solutions Ltd. and the Infection Control Training Group, which provide infection prevention and control consulting and practical certification and awareness training, respectively.

Colin Redfern

B.S.F (Forest Operations), CRSP, CCHFM (Canadian Certified Healthcare Facility Manager)
General Manager and Master Trainer

Colin Redfern is a recognized and respected expert in adult education and Facility Management in Healthcare Facilities.  With over 30 years in the facility management sector, he has worked on capital planning, infrastructure auditing, the design, build, renovation and maintenance of facilities.  He is a champion of health and safety, workplace environment and infection prevention and control culture through involvement in multiple large- and small-scale projects and by leading by example.   

Vision, Mission, and Values


All workers are knowledgeable about infection prevention and control, empowering them to prevent infections.


Our mission is to prevent infections through:     

  • Education:  We instruct our clients how their work can create risks and how to prevent those risks to others.      
  • Empowerment:  We empower our clients to build an infection
  • prevention and control culture.
  • Implementation:  We provide the fundamentals and principals to develop real-world practical solutions.


Our values serve as a compass for how we do business:

  • Leadership:  We are leading the industry with current practical information that can be readily applied.
  • Quality:  We want to exceed your expectations and continually improve.
  • Integrity:  We uphold standards of accountability, honesty, trust, respect, and responsibility.

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